Types of cups: models and what they are for

Types of cups: models and what they are for


The types of cups are not just an aesthetic issue or are containers used only to store drinks. Its characteristics greatly influence the flavor of drinks; they are the edge, the base and the thickness.

So that you can learn more about all types of drinking glasses, we have chosen some of the main types of glasses.

Types of cups for each drink

There are many ways to enjoy a drink, and although all types of glass are containers capable of holding liquid, each model has features that make it more suitable for one type of drink.

Juice cup

This type of cup is wider, has a medium to high height and capacity for about 300 ml of drink. The juice cup is very similar to the long drink cup.

Types of cup - for juices.

Its features make it possible to put some ice cubes, if necessary or you want to drink your cold drink.

Long drink glass

The long drink is taller and thinner than the juice glass and its capacity is about 250 ml of drink. It is ideal for serving cocktails made with juices or soft drinks or other slow-tasting beverages.

Empty long drink.

Widely used at parties, ballads, concerts, birthdays, etc., occasions when those made with another type of material are used, such as PS crystal, which would be acrylic, a type of plastic, normally with a capacity of 350 ml.

Types of cups - acrylic long drink cup

The acrylic long drink cup used at parties is found in different colors, to match the relaxed atmosphere, or even transparent.

Shot glass

This glass is made for drinks that should be consumed in just one sip, such as tequila, rum and vodka. It is thin and has a thick base, preventing the heat of your hands from heating the drink.

for shots, empty

The glass for the shot has a capacity of 35 ml to 60 ml, which facilitates the intake of a drink only.

Glass on the rocks

It is one of the most traditional glasses, informally called whiskey glass, used mainly to enjoy drinks with high alcohol content, such as whiskey, vodka, caipirinha, shakes, and cocktails with ice.

Kind of cup on the rock.

It has a wide mouth and body precisely to allow the addition of several ice cubes. The on the rocks is considered one of the best types of glasses for this purpose.

Old-fashioned cup

This is also a glass often used for drinks such as whiskey very similar to the previous one, but its design is a little different, as its mouth is a little wider than the lower circumference.

kind of old-fashioned cup

The old-fashioned is suitable for making cocktails. It is generally short, rounded, heavy and its capacity varies between 150 ml and 180 ml.

Mason jar cup

Increasingly used, it is a glass jar with a screw and lid, widely used in informal and contemporary drinks. Usually, the mason jar glass has a very fun theme.

type of mason-jar cup

It has a wide mouth covered with a metal ring and a thermal seal, thanks to the presence of a rubber ring. It is usually used with a straw to consume the beverage.

Beer glass

There are numerous glasses for beer, as each beer has a specific glass so that the experience at the time of tasting is perfect. The beer glass most found in bars is American glass.


Because it’s small, the beer won’t get hot, and you’ll drink it more quickly.

Other widely used types of beer glasses are the Caldeira, the Pilsen, the Lager, the Pint, the Pokal, the Tumbler, and the Weizen glass. Each of them is used with some type of beer, with specific characteristics for you to enjoy your drink to the full.
If you want to know more about the various types of beer available, see our article:Beer glasses.


Ideal for use with hot drinks such as teas, coffees and chocolate.

type of cup: mug

It is a large cup, which makes it easier to maintain the temperature of the drink for a longer period of time. Plus, it has a handle so you can hold your mug without burning your hand.

Tips for washing different types of glasses

Washing glasses needs special care to prevent some detergent residues from compromising the taste of the drink.

The ideal would be to wash only with water or with as little soap as possible; if you use soap, remember to rinse the cup thoroughly.

If you cannot wash the glass right after drinking the drink, it is ideal to add a little water to avoid stains at the bottom of the glass.

If your glass happens to stain with grape juice, for example, soak it with water and baking soda.

For drying, it is preferable to dry the outside with a lint-free cloth and, inside, the ideal is to dry naturally, on some suitable support, with the cup upside down. If you don’t have the proper support, no problem! You can let it dry on a dishtowel.

Cup materials 

In addition to all these details given, the material the cup is made of is also important. The most common options are made of glass and crystal.

These two materials are very similar, but their compositions are different. While glass has in its composition: sand, sodium, calcium and aluminum, crystal has lead in its composition, which gives porosity to the raw material, influencing the flavor, in addition to making the glass lighter.

Curiosity about the types of cups

Want to make sure the types of cups make a difference to the taste of your drink? You can take a quiz to clear your doubts once and for all!

Take different types of glasses and put exactly the same drink in all of them; that way you can identify the difference.

After all this information about the types of cups, you will be able to enjoy your drinks better. We also have an article on types of cups. Check out!