Personal assistants to help you in your daily life

Personal assistants to help you in your daily life

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you had someone to help with everyday things like a personal assistant?

Everything would be much easier, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, now you can. This personal assistant isn’t exactly a person, but you’ll be impressed with everything he can do.

Electronic assistants have already turned fever in the United States and arrived in Brazil with the promise of winning the hearts of Brazilians.

When you want to know information, you search on your cell phone, right? Forget it! With the wizard, just ask and it will do the research for you.

Ask for the weather forecast, how to get to a destination, the name of your favorite show’s lead actor, how to bake a carrot cake, how much a blue whale weighs, or just have him tell a joke.

This (Your) assistant can also play music, set an alarm, update your schedule and even shop online and have it delivered to your home.

But the electronic assistant really shines when you have home automation devices talking to it. See some examples.

Smart TV: Most are compatible with electronic assistants. With them, you can watch a series or a video on YouTube with just a voice command.

Smart lights: get up to turn off the lights never again!. But that’s not all, there are many smart lamps that change color and intensity according to your request.

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Smart Outlets: With this device, your personal assistant can control the switching on and off of any device you turn on.

Smart thermostat: with this device, you can use your electronic assistant to regulate the room temperature.

Smart blinds: Blinds of this type have an electric motor that allows you to close or open them with just a voice command.

All these devices are amazing, but I bet you’re curious to see the electronic assistants now, aren’t you?

These are the main options on the market:

Amazon Echo

Echo Dot Smart Speaker - Alexa from Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Darling of the moment, this is currently the most used personal assistant in the world.

With this device, your personal assistant will be Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence. To give any command just start the sentence with “Alexa”.

Alexa’s main advantage is the vast amount of devices and online services it supports, that is, practically all of them.

Another differential is the possibility of making purchases through it on the Amazon website. All done with just voice commands.

The model shown above is the default model, but Amazon offers several versions.

The Echo Dot is the most popular model, perhaps because it is the smallest and cheapest.

Of course its smaller size affects sound quality and volume, but that said, it can connect to any speaker via bluetooth for a better acoustic experience.

It also has a less sensitive microphone, which decreases the range for listening to user commands. Despite this, users do not report difficulties in using the device.

But if you want your personal assistant to have a screen, Echo Spot might be right for you.

With a small screen, it lets you see information, watches videos and even makes video calls. The device has a front camera.

Did you find the screen too small? No problem, that’s what the big brother, Echo Show, exists for.

This electronic assistant maintains the same functionality as the previous one, but with the differences of having a larger screen, more powerful speakers and microphones, and of course, a higher price.

Google Home

Of course, tech giant Google wasn’t going to be left out of it, so Google Home was created.

Users who have compared Google’s artificial intelligence to Amazon’s say Google has a small advantage. With its artificial intelligence technology that learns from experience, it has the most potential for the future.

Another differential is the design. Many consider Google Home a more aesthetic decoration item, and this electronic assistant has more room for customization.

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To “wake up” the device just say the command “ok Google”.

Like the competition, Google also makes different versions of personal assistants available for you.

There is also a smaller version, Google Home Mini, which has the same features.

The price is lower, but in return it has less powerful speakers and microphones.

But for those looking for a really powerful acoustic experience, Google has launched Google Home Max.

This electronic assistant, built for music, features two 4.5-inch woofers and two tweeters to produce high-quality sound.

Of course, Google could not fail to produce, too, a personal assistant with a screen, for those looking for a more visual experience.

The Google Home Hub has a 4.5-inch screen for you to see videos and information, however, different from Echo Show, this device does not have a front camera.

Importantly, many other speaker producers are choosing to integrate personal assistants, both Amazon and Google, into their products. So we can expect ever-increasing variety.

But companies are releasing more and more updates and soon we won’t have this problem anymore.

Importantly, many other speaker producers are choosing to integrate personal assistants, both Amazon and Google, into their products. So we can expect ever-increasing variety.