How to clean mirror: step by step, tips and specific products

How to clean mirror: step by step, tips and specific products

The mirror is an element that is always present in the home, whether functionally⏤ as in the bathroom, being an element that is part of the furniture, such as cabinets ⏤ , or as a decorative piece, nowadays, appearing in different shapes and styles. Anyway, the task of cleaning the mirror can be done in a practical and quick way, after all, it should be done weekly.

But how to keep the mirror in good condition? How best to clean it? How to remove stains from mirrors? What products and utensils are the most suitable?

These are some recurring questions about this element and here, in this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know to keep mirrors clean and shiny, in simple, fast, and effective ways.

After all, cleaning the mirror is easier than it sounds: just use the right products and apply them correctly.

How to clean mirror

To ensure a clean and shiny mirror, it is important to follow two steps and use specific products and instruments.

The first step in cleaning the mirror is to remove dust and possible dirt from the mirror surface; to do this, wipe the entire mirror with a dry cloth, making sure that the dust is removed.

An important tip for this is to use a soft cloth, which does not loosen threads or scratch the mirror.

The second step is cleaning the mirror itself. To do this, spray the product on the mirror surface and spread it with a soft, dry cloth. Do this using light, circular motions.

How to clean the mirror.

How to clean the mirror.

Among the products suitable for cleaning the mirror are those specific for cleaning glass and mirrors, which can be easily found in markets, and solutions made with water and alcohol or vinegar.

If you choose to make a homemade cleaning solution, an effective mixture is to dilute 4 drops of neutral detergent in 100 ml of water. If you prefer to use vinegar, mix 100 ml of the product, 50 ml of water, and 2 drops of neutral detergent.

For all mixtures, a good tip is to use warm water, as this helps to remove possible stains and grease from the mirror surface.

One more important tip: use gloves to clean the surface, thus, in addition to protecting your hands from the product, you avoid finger marks on the glass.

Many mirrors are framed, so an important guideline is, when cleaning the mirror, to avoid putting the product or solution on the frame; otherwise, the material may be stained.

After cleaning, dry it with a dry cloth, as it is important to make sure the surface is dry, to avoid stains and moisture on the mirror.

To keep the mirror clean and not accumulate too much dust, cleaning the surface once a week is recommended. With continuous and correct cleaning, you will keep the mirror clean and shiny.

How to Remove Mirror Stains 

If the mirror is stained, to clean and remove the stains, just make a solution with water and vinegar. Dissolve 100 ml of vinegar in 1.5 liters of water. Apply on the mirror with a cloth or sponge over the stain.

What not to use to clean mirror

Some common utensils and products for cleaning the house should be completely avoided when cleaning mirrors. Rough sponges, thick cloths and steel wool, for example, are some items that should be avoided.

Strong cleaning products such as chlorine, bleach and undiluted vinegar should also be avoided when cleaning the mirror. These products, in addition to being unsuitable, can stain the surface.

Mirror cleaning products 

To obtain perfectly clean and shiny mirrors, the ideal is to use specific products for cleaning glass and mirrors, after all, they were created especially for this use, ensuring cleanliness and avoiding stains.

clean mirror: products.

Products to clean the mirror.

Veja’s window and mirror cleaner, Vidrex, and Mr. Musculo are highly recommended products. They start from the same idea, products based on water, alcohol and alkalizing. It’s packaging with a spray bottle allows the ideal distribution of the product on the mirrored surface.

Its practicality of application facilitates daily use, as you just spray the product on a clean surface and spread it with a dry cloth.

The cloth to clean the mirror is another important element, it must be made with fine and soft fibers, so as not to scratch the surface. The microfibre cloths are ideal and, after use, can be easily washed by hand or machine washing machines.

Lots of practical tips for keeping the house clean

Cleaning the house can even be a task that requires time and dedication, however, when done daily, once or twice a week, for example, it can become a much faster and easier task.

Keeping dust and dirt from accumulating is essential for cleaning the house to be simpler and take longer. Nowadays, there is even equipment that does this work alone! The revolutionary robot vacuum cleaners! That in addition to leaving the house clean, they save your precious time.

Arranging a little time in your schedule during the week to take care of the house can help you keep it in order. So you don’t forget, create a task in the app that you normally use, write it in your planner or calendar, or put a reminder on your phone. The organization is everything when it comes to household chores.