How to buy an apartment?

How to buy an apartment?

Buying your first apartment may seem like a very complicated process, after all, there are some steps to be considered: looking for a property, defining the payment method and dealing with all the documentation. But, despite seeming an endless saga, it is possible to learn to buy an apartment through essential steps that allow you to make a great choice, live well and live even better!

Evaluating the apartment’s solar orientation, recognizing the types of plants, analyzing payment methods, observing the architectural characteristics of the properties are some of these steps. This is a unique and very special journey. With information and knowledge, it is much easier to face it.

Check out how to buy an apartment below.

How to find an apartment There are many apartments for sale. Begin your search by understanding what would be the best option for you right now.

The first step is to find a property according to your needs, your family configuration and your lifestyle. For this, the ideal is to analyze some aspects carefully.

One of the main issues when purchasing a property is the price. It is often the first point to be considered, especially when looking for an apartment based on its location, as this is a factor that directly influences the value of the property.

The location of the apartment is very important, so when searching, it is essential to pay attention to information about the security of the place. It is also essential to understand what the possibilities of mobility are, such as bicycle paths, buses and subways, for example.

Another essential detail is the infrastructure. After all, the offer of commerce and varied services is important to guarantee the quality of life in the property. Therefore, assess access to schools, hospitals, markets and leisure options, for example.

How to choose an apartment?

Counter of an apartment located in front of a shutter.

There are many types of real estate: getting to know them is the first step in choosing the one that most suits you.

For this journey in search of an apartment, it is necessary to know the types of properties that the market offers. It is possible to choose a new one, based on the differentials it offers, or choose a used property, which, in most cases, provides more space and convenience. Based on your need, it is important to assess the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Another point to be considered during the search is the stage in which the development is. You can opt for a short launch, a property under construction, a launch or a ready-to-live-in apartment. Each of the options has different characteristics, such as benefits for first-time buyers, the possibility of customizing the plant or an advantage in relation to the entry price.

As well as the stage of the project, another factor that also depends on the needs of each buyer is the type of plant to be chosen. After all, there are different types of apartments, each with a specific feature and different functionality. From kitnets to canopies, there are options for all tastes and needs.

Amidst the variety, you can also come across different common areas, services and also the condominium fee. To better understand each utility, advantage and benefit, professional help is very welcome. There are many websites and applications that can facilitate this search, which can even be done completely online.

Technology is an ally during the journey in search of the property, as well as the professional help of brokers, is also essential and provides fundamental effectiveness when buying your apartment, whether finished or decorated.


Organization of costs that will be taken into account when paying for the apartment.

Organize yourself financially.

To celebrate by breaking the champagne, you need to prepare beforehand so you don’t end up breaking the budget! Therefore, it is essential to get information to enter into a good deal at the negotiating table.

Often, property listings do not disclose property prices due to several variables. Therefore, it is important to know the negotiation margin, understand what the possible forms of payment are and reach an agreement on this issue.

Whether in cash, through the consortium, exchange or using the FGTS in payment, it is essential to know the average value of the selected properties, study the payment methods, and then choose the one that is best for your planning.

There are many payment terms with different advantages and disadvantages. You can opt for bank financing, SFH or SFI, and even the Minha Casa Minha Vida program, by the Federal Government. In addition to being able to choose the repayment system for your loan.

And even if you give up on the purchase it is possible to revert. See how buying an apartment isn’t as complicated as it sounds?


Apartment keys.

Close to getting the keys to your apartment.

It is very little left now. At the documentation stage, the process will be formalized through the duties and obligations that involve buyer and seller.

The contract is proof of ownership of the property. It regulates the details and contains all the information regarding the sales process.

Next, you need to pay some taxes that are part of the property transfer procedure, such as the Property Transfer Tax (ITBI). Therefore, the deed can be registered.

But beware: it is essential to plan for possible extra expenses. They vary according to the payment method chosen when purchasing the apartment.

Take the time to understand what your needs are and, finally, choose the property that best suits your taste, your lifestyle, and your dream.


Window with potted plants.

To reach the final stage of the process of buying your apartment, it is necessary to seek information and plan.

This is a unique moment and represents a very personal achievement, so it must be planned calmly and have a good source of information.