Home library: ideas for decorating and creating your own

Home library: ideas for decorating and creating your own


Libraries are inspiring spaces where silence surrounds the universe of possibilities contained in books. That’s because words are able to make you smile, move, bring knowledge and also preserve memories.

For lovers of reading, especially those who don’t change the feeling of flipping through the pages of a book, the idea of ​​having a library at home to house your own collection is amazing.

The ideal space to store books

Your book corner can be located in the bedroom, living room, in passageways, on the balcony or even as a room divider.

Regardless of your choice, it is important to take some precautions, after all, the way books are stored has a great influence on the durability and conservation of the material.

The place should not suffer great variations in temperature, especially if you have very old specimens. The sudden change in humidity conditions, for example, favors the proliferation of microorganisms and also weakens the fibers in your books.

Living and dining room integrated with neutral decor. Among them, there is a piece of furniture less than 1 m high that houses the library.

Library in the social area, dividing the living room and dining room. Source: Pinterest

Choose a room in your home that is airy and ventilated, but pay attention to the amount of lighting, as books should not receive the sun’s rays directly.

Likewise, think about quality artificial lighting so that, even at night, your private library can be used comfortably.

Floor-to-ceiling white wooden bookcase with several niches for books. At the top were placed lamps that facilitate the search for titles. Bookcase with good artificial lighting. Source: Pinterest

Pay attention to the material chosen for the shelves, which must be resistant, so that it remains intact over the years.

On the market, there are ready-made options for shelves and shelves in various materials, such as sheet metal and wood. In the case of wood, especially natural wood, it must be treated. Otherwise, it can release acidic fumes, which damage the paper.

Black metal bookcase with 12 small niches. Some of the niches are filled with plants and decorations, others are filled with books. Bookshelves in metallic material. Source: Pinterest

If you prefer, use wall niches or make your own bookshelf. With some wooden pieces, supported by corners fixed to the wall, it is possible to obtain a beautiful result.

The organization is the key to a working private library

Organize sets of books that make sense to you, either by genre and subject, as many libraries around the world do, or by the degree of importance. That is, leave your favorite books and also those you consider essential at eye level and within easy reach.

Illustration with home library organization scheme. From bottom to top, the indications on each of the shelves are: to give away or to discard - new/not yet read - essential/books for reference - favorites - important Book organization scheme.

In terms of organization, letting go is also important, as this is the only way you can renew your collection frequently without having your library at home spread throughout all the rooms.

Take advantage of the full height of the room and, in the case of increased ceilings, think of a way to maintain easy access to the books that are on top. Sliding stairs are a great and affordable solution.

Top-down photo of a home library. The enlarged ceiling made it possible to create many spaces for books. Library using the double height of the residence, by Zooco Estudio.

By keeping your books contained in a certain space, your home library will work pleasantly and without interfering with other environments.

Set aside a corner for reading

Even if you have other favorite spaces for your reading times at home, also create a corner for this task near your private library.

At times, when you need a seat for a quick read or even to consult the information in some literary volumes, this space will be of great help.

Invest in comfortable furniture such as a uniquely designed armchair, sofa or even an upholstered chair.

In the foreground is a comfortable black armchair with woody finishes. In the background is a medium height bookcase with books and several paintings. Library with comfortable armchair for reading.

Decorate the library with your style

Having a library is also a way to decorate your home and reflect your personality. After all, book covers, with their different colors and textures, end up creating a very dynamic environment.

If you want a lighter atmosphere, create smaller piles of books and small breathers, that is, put elements in between, such as decorative paintings, sculptures and also objects of sentimental value.

Niches fixed directly to the wall and with small piles of books distributed in each one of them.

Shelves with vents and spaced organization.

In contemporary homes, where the original texture of the materials is part of the decor, natural wood shelves are a nice complement.

Bet on open shelves and on the use of corridors, so the passage spaces gain an extra function and are full of charm.

Extensive, floor-to-ceiling shelves located in the hallways of the residence. Contemporary home library, by Grupo SP.

Brightly colored furniture and flower-themed wallpaper ensure a unique, vintage decor for your private library.

Home library, with vintage decor that combines shades of green, floral prints and velvety fabrics.Vintage-themed library.

In a home library, the green of natural plants is also welcome and transforms the environment into a true oasis to renew your energy.

Just pay attention to the choice of species and the proximity between them and the books. Prefer plants ideal for indoor areas and that need less watering, so the presence of humidity in the environment will not be constant.

Unleash creativity in decorating your home library

If you want to innovate in the way books are arranged, you can too. When placed upright, they make the search more practical and ensure better conservation of the material; however, nothing prevents stacking volumes to create a decor full of personality.

Shelves with stacks of books vertically and horizontally, interspersed with decorative elements such as vases, bottles and sculptures. Shelves with books stacked horizontally.

When it comes to decoration, the important thing is to put your tastes in the space and let your imagination go free! By following these tips, you’ll have a perfect environment to relax, study and immerse yourself in the world of reading without leaving your home.