Fruit bowl: types and models for your home

Fruit bowl: types and models for your home

The fruit bowl is a very common object in Brazilian homes and has conquered its space. Very practical and usual, it comes in different types, sizes and materials, easily found in many places to buy.

Serving as organizers, they can even decorate the environment, but their main function is to store the fruits correctly, as they need to be in an open and ventilated place to prevent them from spoiling easily.

The various types of fruit bowls allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs, whether because of space, material, storage capacity, and even the fact that the design matches your home.

Even though it is not an essential object, the fruit bowl can be an ally in your daily life. According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), the ideal is to eat five servings a day, at least five days a week, of fruits and vegetables. When food is within reach of our eyes, consumption is encouraged and it becomes a healthy eating habit.

Types of fruit bowls

Among all types of fruit bowls, we have two more common: table, used for decoration, and floor, used for organization. But that doesn’t mean they’re unique, we also have wall-mounted fruit bowls and even built-in to the cabinet frame. Each of them has a specific advantage and characteristics.

Table fruit bowl

Crystal table fruit bowl in the shape of a chalice, it can even be used as a decorative object.

The table fruit is often found on the table or on mobile support of close to it, in the kitchen or dining room environments. With a smaller capacity than other fruit trees, it does not hold a large amount of fruit.

But this fruit bowl, specifically, is not only used to store and organize fruit, it can also be an ally in decoration. Made of different materials and having different formats, you can match your decor and, thus, it becomes a decorative element in the environment.

Floor fruit bowl

Fruit bowl with wooden floors and wheels, an object for those who want mobility.

Already the floor fruit are super practical and versatile for your kitchen. With a structure that can be fixed or with wheels, it is generally composed of three floors for the fruit and a top top, an extra useful area, as if it were a bench, where you can place appliances.

For those who want a lot of space for fruit, this is the best of the types of fruit bowls, but it is necessary to remember that it needs an available space in the kitchen, not necessarily that big and can be located near the corners of the walls or the side of the refrigerator.

With a structure that stores more fruit and accommodates even larger fruit, it must be made with quality material, so it doesn’t spoil easily.

Wall fruit bowl

Metal walled fruit bowl, a solution for those with little space.

For those who want a fruit bowl and don’t have space in the kitchen, the wall-mounted fruit bowl is the best option. Because its structure is fixed directly to the wall, it is possible to install it in underutilized places, thus leaving the floor free, being a good space-saving, and taking advantage of underutilized spaces.

With this type of fruit bowl, the kitchen is organized, practical and functional, because, combined and chosen correctly, it can become a creative and outstanding element in the environment. In some variations, this fruit bowl can also be fixed to the ceiling.

Cupboard with fruit bowl

Cupboard with built-in fruit bowl, a facility that optimizes space.

For the kitchen space to become more homogeneous and optimized, the best fruit bowl option is the one that comes built-in in the cupboard. It enhances space and makes the environment visually homogeneous.

The fruit bowl built into the cabinet can be thought of from the beginning of your kitchen project, so the cabinet becomes unique with the fruit bowl built into the interior. But if you didn’t have this idea before, cabinets with fruit bowls are also sold, not so big, which can be placed in the open spaces of your kitchen.


With stainless steel material that guarantees durability.

After knowing the types of fruit bowls, we realized that the choice depends on the needs of each one, based on the space available in the house and the number of things you want to store in it.

At the time of purchase, analyzing the structure of the fruit bowl and taking a good look at the material are important actions to ensure that it is not fragile and not very durable. In this context, the most used materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, wood, plastic, glass, porcelain and even crystal.

Table fruit bowls, as they are decorative and do not contain several fruits, use more fragile materials, such as glass, porcelain, and crystal, highlighting the decorative character of the object.

For floor-standing fruit bowls, which have a structure designed to store many things, the most suitable materials are stainless and carbon steels and wood, as they have a more durable and resistant characteristic. Due to their durability, these materials are also widely used in wall panels.


Fruit bowls are not essential objects in a house, but they definitely make life more practical and organized. Among all the advantages, the one that stands out the most is the organization.

Being able to reserve a space for your fruit to be fresh and stored in an organized manner, the fruit bowl also has other advantages, as it can fit into not so large spaces and often take advantage of underutilized spaces, it is cost-effective, it is practical in day by day and makes fruit consumption easier.

In addition, it can even serve as a decoration object and compose the home environment matching the style chosen by you.

Did you like the fruit bowl options? Which type best suits your home? Comment on your choice and be sure to buy the perfect model to make your kitchen more organized and stylish!