Discover 10 ideal plants for you to have in your apartment!

Discover 10 ideal plants for you to have in your apartment!

Decorating your apartment with plants is certainly a good choice and not just for the aesthetic side. Plants can help purify the air and even cause biological changes in your body, improving your health and mood.

The interior of an apartment is very different from the natural habitat of plants, but some manage to adapt very well to this environment. The ideal is plants considered in half shade, those that in nature are usually protected from the sun by other plants, see some great examples.

1- Zamioculca

Zamioculca in a vase

This is a hard plant to kill, you would have to work hard. It doesn’t need a lot of light and if you forget to water for a while it will hold up well.

If the leaves of the plant start to turn too yellow it could be a sign of too much sun or water.

Watering: Once a week.

2 – Peace Lily

Peace lily

A plant with very ornamental flowers, which does not require much light, but which already likes water more, it is even recommended to sprinkle water on the leaves and flowers.

Watering: Once every two days.

3 – Violet


If you want to add more color to your fit, violet is for you, its variety of colors and its small size make it perfect to fit into any decor.

Violet requires a little more light depending on the species, lighter leaves need less sun, darker leaves need more sun. All need good ventilation to avoid being affected by fungi.

One of Violeta’s great differentials is that it blooms almost all year round. Just avoid getting your leaves and flowers wet, directly water the soil.

Watering: Once a week.

4 – Areca Bamboo

Areca Bamboo

One of the most cultivated palm trees in Brazil, it will certainly not go unnoticed in the environment, it will grow a lot if you give it space. You can control the size you want according to the size of the pot where it is planted.

This species stands out for its ability to purify the air, ideal for those who live in the city and want to breathe purer air.

Watering: Twice a week.

5 – Boa

boa constrictor

This vine with heart-shaped leaves is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space, it likes to stay high, you can hang it from the ceiling.

It is a plant that likes humidity a lot and tends to adapt very well when placed in bathrooms.

Watering: Twice a week

6 – Fern


This could not be missing, one of the best-known plants in Brazil, also from the group of climbing plants. A very easy plant to care for, but it doesn’t like wind, so try to keep it away from drafts.

The vine is also ideal for hanging, but unlike the boa constrictor, you should be careful that its leaves don’t touch any wall.

Watering: Once every two days.

7 – Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera, also known as Aloe Vera, is a plant that belongs to the succulents group.

Succulents are those plants with thicker leaves, with the function of retaining more water so that the plant can survive long periods of drought, ideal for you who forget to water the plants.

Aloe Vera is a very easy plant to care for, it doesn’t need a lot of light or much water, besides it has several medicinal properties.

Watering: Once a week.

8 – Jade Plant

jade plant

This plant that looks like a mini tree also belongs to the group of half shade succulents, that is, it doesn’t require much water or sun, but you don’t have to worry about the excessive sun, this is a plant that adapts easily to any environment.

The Jade Plant is also known as the Tree of Happiness and is said to attract good luck and prosperity.

Watering: Once a week.

9 – Chlorophyte


Chlorophyte is a plant that adapts easily, whether in a shady or sunny environment.

Also known as Gravatinha and Paulistinha, this plant is ideal for allergy sufferers, it can absorb dust particles and allergens from the air, its air purification action was confirmed by a study carried out by NASA.

Watering: Once every 3 days.

10 – Cacti


Cacti comprise several different species that have a common characteristic, they are very easy to care for.

They also belong to the succulents group and are used to long periods of drought.

But not all cacti require the same care, there are those that need a lot of suns and those that are in semi-shade, you need to know where you want to place it to know the right cactus to acquire.

A big advantage of growing cacti is that they give wonderful flowers, did you know?

Watering: Once every 15 days.

Plants are living beings, interpret their signals

We’ve presented an average watering time to give you a good idea, but it’s difficult to define exactly what a plant’s water requirement is as this is very fickle.

So pay attention to the signs, observe if the land is very dry, in very hot seasons increase the frequency of watering and decrease in very cold seasons.

As much as the plants mentioned above do not need much light, no plant is able to live without any light. If you can get your plants to get some morning sun in a few days, they will thank you.

Warning: Some plants can be toxic, if you live with pets or children it is important to research the toxicity of the plants before deciding where to place them.