Decor apps help give personality to your new fit

Decor apps help give personality to your new fit

You’ve finally found your long-awaited fit, survived the change and now find yourself in a whole new environment, begging for a decor that makes you feel at home again.

Decorating the house can be fun, but also very challenging! You, of course, want magazine decor, but you’re not exactly sure where to start. Everything is fine. Thanks to the tech gods there are several apps that can guide you on this quest from beginning to end. We select the best ones for you.

Apps to get inspired

The world’s biggest inspiration app, from product design to baby shower decor, couldn’t be left out of that list. On Pinterest, there is an infinite amount of decor and interior content. A good tip to narrow down your search is to look by style or color palette.

But the Houzz is a focused application only for decoration and interiors. You can filter inspirations by room, style, footage and even budget. It also offers a search tool for professionals in the area and the sale of decorative objects, which may not be very useful for Brazilians, since the app is foreign. You can create your profile with your favorite inspirations and share with your friends.

The Viva Decora is the most complete Brazilian app category. The inspirations are published by the professional authors of the projects and in addition to following the profiles, you can request a quote from your favorite professionals through the app. The app also features a video-only section with decorating tips and a blog with interesting articles on the topic.

For those who are not very good at combinations, it is worth downloading and following Westwing Brasil. The app suggests the use and compositions for each decorative item on sale. Campaigns are updated frequently and published as inspirations.

Apps to practice

Now that your head is buzzing with ideas, let’s give it a try before you go shopping. In HomeStyle Interior Design you play at decorating your home in 3D format. Through a photo taken from your device, the app recognizes the lines and dimensions of the environment and allows you to simulate the change of coatings, wall color and furniture layout in full scale. It also serves as a great tool for a “stubborn cop”.

Speaking of coverings, before buying your wooden floor, it is worth testing the Duratex Concept and simulating how the different options offered by the brand would look like in your home. The tone of the floor weighs heavily on the final result of the decoration, so don’t skimp on simulations before closing the deal.

In the same way, the wall color can be your decor’s greatest asset or greatest failure. And thanks to some apps, no one needs to “bet” on choosing colors anymore.

Suvinil’s application and Coral Visualizer have similar tools for simulation, quantification and material specification. Both also have color recognition, which identifies which ink color is closest to what you point to with your phone’s camera.

In addition to these features, Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap helps you to compose color palettes indicating the complementary, triadic, tetradic and analogous color of your base color, which are compositions based on the color wheel. A great hand on the wheel for those who feel insecure about combining colors. The combinations generated from its color are illustrated through several photos and inspirations, which helps you to better visualize your choice applied to the decoration. You can create, name and save your palettes.

Get to work!

It’s good to be prepared already, there is no work without at least a little confusion.
But everything can be softened with the help of some tools. Having all the measurements and dimensions of each space in your apartment can avoid a lot of setbacks and MagicPlan helps in this detailing even those who never dreamed of drawing a plan. This incredibly handy tool draws and scales your surroundings as you walk with your phone camera pointed at your feet. Worth having.

The MeasuresLite follows the same scaling, but can also be used for objects such as shelves, cabinets, closets and other items which each centimeter can compromise the whole.

Of all the apps, there is none that is more hands-on than iHandy Level, your true workmate. The app has tools such as a plumb bob, angle gauge and even a ruler. The only function, however, available for free, is the level, used for the leveling of frames, for example.

If the subject is painting, by the way, Frames can solve everything for you. It is a complete application where you can take a photo of your cell phone or choose an already saved one, choose the color, thickness and model of the frame and see how the frame would look in your environment.

There is a small range of simulated environments in the app, but you can also take a photo of your wall if you want a more realistic simulation.

With a simple touch, you can choose the perfect frame size for your available space and which wall color would best match the image. Finally, in the application itself, it is possible to request a quotation for the making and sending of the painting, including printing and framing in the specified dimensions. Too much, right?

Dreaming about decorating a new apartment is great, but if you haven’t reached this stage yet, check out our publications on Apps and websites that help you find the ideal property and Apps that help you move.