Check out different types of pots for succulents and grow your own

Check out different types of pots for succulents and grow your own


Pots for succulents are increasingly popular. After all, versatile and resistant, these little plants are winning people’s hearts, because, in addition to bringing positive energy and a good feeling to the house, they are beautiful and have different shapes, colors, and textures.

To make the environment even more beautiful and harmonious, you can bet on different vases to place your succulents. They come in many shapes, styles and are made of different materials, so you can choose what suits you and your space.

Minimalist pots for succulents

Do you have a simpler, more minimalist taste, but want a certain charm and personality and a vase that can match your home or office? Smoothly! You can bet on simpler pots that have a differential. Let’s check it out.

Three Urban pots for succulents.

How about a minimalist porcelain vase that is, at the same time, modern and bold?! It is extremely versatile and can be accommodated anywhere, both inside and outside, which will look great with its succulent.


Made of ceramic and with a base made of bamboo, the Vorcool vase has a simple, smooth finish and a modern styling. It’s a nice decor that fits in any location. It has a small size, perfect for planting your succulents and guaranteeing personality to the environment.

The Hand Fly is a pot for more delicate succulents.

With a more elegant style, the Hand Fly has a set of three ceramic vases placed on a stand made of bamboo that, when roasted at high temperature, gives it greater strength and resistance. The round-shaped vase is just the right size to accommodate the succulents and resembles the shape of a pumpkin, providing extra charm.

Suspended vases

Hanging vases are a great option for those who don’t have a lot of space at home, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on their succulent, or want to bet on a different and versatile decoration.


This style of the vase is perfect for both your wall decor and succulents because, even with a different design, they fit perfectly in it. The Trigg is made of white ceramic and has a metal structure that ensures modern air to the environment as well as being durable for long-term use.

Pots for succulents - DOITOOL.

This style of vase can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Doitool has a different design: it is made of ceramic and has a string at the top for hanging.

It is a type of vase that will add a more contemporary air to the succulent and to the house, being a perfect way to liven up your space and bring personality to the environment.

“Difference” pots for your succulents 

Want a different vase for your succulent? Something more fun and with more personality? Smoothly! You can bet on vases with a special design that will give more identity to your little plant and, consequently, to your space.

Robert Decorative Vases

The vases Decorative Robert are an excellent choice for you who want to innovate in the environment. They are produced in a 3D printer that uses ABS plastic, which allows them to be exposed to the sun and water without any kind of deformation. So, in addition to being different, they are made with the help of technology, which provides a differentiated design.

They all have the same height, but different areas on the “head” to fit the succulents, allowing you to plant both smaller and slightly larger succulents.

Automatic watering Upkoch vase.

This model of the vase is for those who want something different and, at the same time, practical, as it has an automatic watering system. If you go away for a few days, the Upkoch self-watering pot can help you take care of your succulents.

It is very light, easy to assemble, and can be placed anywhere, both outdoors and indoors, as well as being extremely cute and fun.

How to prepare the vase to receive your succulent

The preparation of the pot is a very important issue, as it will ensure greater durability and health for your succulent. Although it is easy to take care of succulents, it is important to have some specific care with them.

growing succulents.

Planting succulents.

It is extremely important that the chosen vessel has a hole underneath, which serves to drain the water. Place some pebbles at the bottom of the pot before placing the substrate and planting your seedling.

Remember to be very careful when planting your seedling so that the succulent leaves are not covered with soil and the seedling root is directly in contact with the soil.

Which succulent to plant in each pot?

There is no specific type of pot for each succulent. The important thing is that it is comfortable in the pot of your choice, so larger succulents require a bigger pot as well.

Different succulents. Different succulents.

But you can rest assured that, just as there are different types of pots, there are also numerous types of succulents, so you can choose the one that best suits your environment.

Succulent garden

You can make a succulent garden by mixing different species in different types of pots, with different compositions, colors, and textures. If you prefer, you can choose similar pots, differentiating only the plants, according to their personality and environment.

Succulent Garden - great option for growing in succulents pots.

Succulent garden.

This type of garden can be set up both indoors and outdoors, bringing more life to the environment. As it is a simple decoration, it is also very beautiful.

With these tips, you will create a fun and harmonious environment. Remember to use your imagination to create your succulent garden.

After all these pots suggestions, with different textures and proposals, you can choose the one that best suits your style, mix them and create your succulent garden for the environment you want.