Check out amazing decorative vases to decorate your home

Check out amazing decorative vases to decorate your home

Decorative vases are excellent accessories for those who want a well-decorated environment. They can be of various sizes, shapes, colors and finishes, fitting into different styles of decoration.

The decoration in each environment has to be very well thought out, as it conveys the personality of each person.

Decorative vases can either compose the decoration of the environment or be the main elements of the decoration.

How to choose decorative vases

To make this choice, the first step is to analyze the decor style of the room so that you can choose a vase that harmonizes with the location. After this first analysis, it is important to define what will be the function of these decorative vases.

Above all, pay attention to the size of the vase, as this directly influences the aesthetics of the environment. Thus, it is necessary that the size of the desired vessel is proportional to the environment in which it will be placed.

Another aspect that helps a lot when choosing your vase is the room color. If it contains neutral colors, it is valid to use a vase as a standout piece, with more vivid color, as well as the Vibrações vase.

yellow decorative vase

Do decorative vases need to have plants?

No, decorative pots don’t necessarily have plants. As they are used for decoration, the piece alone is already thought to stand out in the environment.
If you want to use plants in your decorative vases, it is also valid and will give your decoration a charm. A tip is to use succulent plants, which are great to have in your environment, as, in addition to giving life to the space, they are very easy to care for and with decorative vases like the Handfly they will add even more charm to the place.

trio of decorative vases

Decorating Tips

Decorative vases can be used in two ways in environments: with or without plants.

If you prefer to use vases with plants or flowers, you will need to choose a decorative vase that fits your plant, as bulkier plants and arrangements need larger vases.

The most used style of vase to place plants are still the glass vases, however, you can go out of the ordinary and dare in a more modern design, as is the case of the Mart glass vase.

glass vase

If you choose to decorate your balcony with decorative vases, it’s nice to choose vases made of wood, ceramic or bamboo fiber.

A good choice for your balcony is the Topaz decorative vase. Made of ceramic and with a perfect color combination, it brings super bold air to your balcony.

decorative vase

For a more reserved area, such as a place to study, bet on simple and not too flashy models, to provide a calmer atmosphere. To achieve this ambiance in your room, an alternative is the Mart vase. With a minimalist, contemporary and simple style, it will make all the difference in this type of environment.

ceramic vase

If you prefer a mix of textures, you can also bet on the Mart vase, which, being ornamental, makes your environment more attractive.

cement vessel

Where to place decorative vases?

This will depend a lot on the style, size and how it fits into your environment. They can be placed on tables, shelves, dressers or even on the floor, which is becoming a big trend that provides a more modern and laid-back environment.

Usually, the vases used on the floor are larger, have a shape that is both rounded and square, varying according to your choice for the environment.
If you’re afraid to buy a more daring vase to put on the floor, bet on one that has a more neutral color, which will also look great. One option is the Malta Cone vase, an example of classic design, all made of granite.

concrete vase

On tables, a tip is to use vases that match and have different heights. They can be the same or different depending on your environment. Some tips are the Trio de Vasos Charme and the Trio De Vasos Bojudos.

trio of vases

There are also ornamental vases, suitable for plants, more common outside, such as gardens and balconies, but they can also be used inside the house, in living room decoration, for example.
For gardens and verandas, a vase with more relaxed material and that speaks more to nature is a good choice, such as the Vime vase.


It is also possible to use large decorative vases, usually placed on the floor for decorating.

In the living room, it is very useful to mix styles, always remembering that the vase has to match the environment.
If you don’t have a lot of space in your room, bet on the idea of ​​decorating a coffee table with smaller vases to give your room a charm. The scarves are on the rise, a discreet and very beautiful piece.


This type of vase serves as a cover for a main vase. They are not made for planting as they do not have a drainage system. So, if you want to use it with some type of plant, it is important to buy a simple pot to accommodate them.

Environments and materials

The materials for decorative vases are varied. There are ceramic, cement, wood, plastic, glass, etc. options. The choice between them must be made according to the use of the vessel and the place where it will be inserted; remembering that it is very important to analyze the place before buying a vase, so that everything is more harmonious.

For outdoor areas, the best choices are the most resistant and easy-to-clean models, such as wood, cement and ceramic.

For humid environments, such as the kitchen and bathroom, it is important to choose a non-porous vase, as these do not absorb moisture or grease.

In bedrooms, vases are typically found on bedside tables and shelves. For a cleaner environment, light-colored glass or ceramic vases are perfect. If you want to create a more rustic atmosphere, use pot models that can be hung on the wall or ceiling, made of clay or ceramic.

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