Cat friendly decoration

Cat friendly decoration

Shattered furniture and torn curtains can be a message from your feline friend. Maybe your house isn’t providing what he needs. Learn how to meet your cat’s needs without giving up design in decor.

We all know the benefits of having a pet at home. Our paws friends almost always change our lives for the better. However, they bring with them some adjustments, such as adapting to their new home.

Cats, in particular, are known for the little chaos they can cause to decor. How could this cute being try to do away with your sofa and curtain so stubbornly?
Would he be part of a secret organization to end decoration around the world??

Calm down, it’s not personal. Your kitten just can’t contain her natural instincts.

And come to think of it, nothing was in vain. Destroyed sofas and curtains throughout history have forced designers, architects (and desperate owners) to think of beautiful solutions that please, first, the apartment owner and then you. See below.

Old friend

The partnership between man and cat is older than you might think. Recent archaeological discoveries have revealed that this friendship started along with the cultivation of agriculture in the Middle East, over 10,000 years ago!

Centuries later, the wave of the Egyptian cat spread rapidly around the world. Its distribution was made mainly by sea. Roman ships carried cats to kill rodents that destroyed their reserves and equipment.

The same research also reveals something very interesting about our furry friend: “Unlike other species that have been profoundly modified by humans – the dog, for example – the domestic cat remains genetically close to the wild cat”. That’s because for the hunting service he provided to man there was no aesthetic pressure.

However, we are born free!

The survey only confirmed what everyone who shares a house with a kitten (or more) already knows: The domestic cat carries a lot of the wild instincts of its ancestors.

Therefore, whether or not he haos an ideal space, he will practice his hunting and demarcation strategies. As well as climbing, exercising, stretching and jumping. If you don’t want to watch your house being destroyed, it’s best to provide him with an environment where he can give vent to all his feline needs.

“Catify to Satisfy”

The concept of “catifying” the house was described in the book Catify to Satisfy: simple solutions for creating a cat-friendly home (2015). It means nothing less than creating a feline-friendly environment that suits their natural instincts.

The authors argue that if we humans want to have a comfortable environment at home that satisfies all our needs, we must provide the same benefit to our furry friends. In other words, a complex and dynamic environment that offers physical and mental challenges, just like in nature.

Cute and fun

If you love your kitten and want to provide it with a healthy environment but don’t give up a stylish decor, these moments when “catification” and design meet will inspire you:

This project by the Thinking Design office elegantly integrates elements into the decoration that allow for the entertainment and fun of the feline residents.

A great example of how cat welfare can be taken into account in interior design.

If you have a cat, you have one certainty: it will climb. Therefore, there are today on the market, several models of shelves and special niches for the pussy. Many, like this MyZoo template, are modular and allow you to build according to the space you have at home. If your cat is vying for space with books on the shelf, he’ll thank you.

From the same office, this capsule-shaped furniture allows your kitten to rest or observe the environment while becoming the cutest part of your decoration.

The aesthetics of these beds by the French brand Meyou are second to none for signed design objects and artwork. Modern and functional, they accommodate your friend and beautify the environment.

This Lycs Architecture desk offers a distraction for kittens who insist on resting on top of the computer keyboard while its owner tries to work. The tunnels and paths formed by the wooden top are an invitation to exploration and discovery.

The wooden blocks signed by the same office prove that it is possible to make your feline friend happy with the simplicity and good taste.

You look at this coffee table by designer Koichi Futatsumat and see a design piece. Your cat looks and only sees a comfortable sisal hammock for napping.

Accessible design

If you can’t buy a subscription mobile, don’t worry. There are several options for cat nets available in the national market. I guarantee he won’t notice the difference.

On the left, model of the brand Gattedo. Chair hammocks are by the band Cansei de ser gato. Both national.

One of the known advantages of choosing a cat is that it is a clean animal. This piece of furniture by Gattedo, called WCat, guarantees, in addition to cleanliness, description. He hides the sandbox and walks quietly past a nightstand or side table.

‘Your sofa has salvation! Cats sharpen their claws so they don’t hurt the paw and also to express their natural instinct for marking territory. If you want to save your upholstery, offer it a more attractive spot for this practice.

Sisal rope, for example, is an original alternative to traditional scrapers that do nothing to add to your decor.

Decorative solution with sisal rope.

In this project by architect Thaisa Camargo, the rope involves the first centimeters of the height of the structural column. Proof that smart decor can please everyone – men and animals.