Apps and websites that help in the search for the ideal property

Apps and websites that help in the search for the ideal property

If we can no longer separate online and offline from our lives, it is clear that sooner or later we would start looking for real estate on the internet. Whether for short or long-term rent, buying new or used property, or just dreaming, there are several online companies, websites, and apps that have come to transform the search for a new home. We selected some highlights. See below.

Short season: Accommodation + experience

It is becoming more and more common to exchange the hotel for short-term rental. In addition to privacy and freedom, staying in local accommodation can also provide a more intense experience of living and belonging to the chosen destination. The Airbnb, most famous site rental per season, sure was a great agent of this change in behavior and way of traveling.

To reinforce this concept, in addition to accommodations, Airbnb also offers local experiences ranging from traditional tattooing in Thailand to watching the sunrise on secret beaches in Rio de Janeiro. You can rent entire homes, rooms or just one accommodation, sharing the room with other travelers.

The Rentals is part of HomeAway, a group specializing in holiday rentals in over 190 countries with 15 offices around the world. In Brazil alone, it has more than 30 thousand advertiser owners.

The great advantage of the application is the HomeAway/AlugueTemporada Guarantee Program. If the entire contract is made within the terms and conditions determined by the platform, the program guarantees financial compensation in cases of fraud, refusal of entry, misleading advertisement and improper withholding of the deposit. All details and conditions are present on this link. In addition, it is also possible to pay the rent in up to 12 installments on your credit card.

Express rental

Only those who have been through this know-how bureaucratic and exhausting it can be to rent a property. The Fifth Floor is a platform that was created to facilitate and expedite this process. Allows the tenant to choose and schedule a visit to the property through the website or app. The visit accompanied by a broker from the company itself is the only face-to-face part of the process, as the approval and signing of the contract is done online. To complete the package of facilities, no guarantor or deposit check is required. The Fifth Floor is financially committed to the landlord to deposit the amount every month on the agreed day, regardless of whether the tenant has made the payment or not.

A wealth of information to buy better

There is a great offer and demand for people looking for new properties, those that have never been inhabited.

Therefore, to facilitate the buyer’s choice process, Apto offers the highest level of detail and information possible about the property, as well as the quantity and quality of images above average.

The service is also a differential. A real estate specialist is on hand to answer possible questions that may arise during the purchase journey, which is usually the most important in people’s lives.

Created in 2015, the platform connects buyers directly to construction workers, which shortens and facilitates the client’s path, in addition to ensuring the best deal.

House with history

The Refuges Urban is a special real estate São Paulo, born with the aim to celebrate and value the rich history of São Paulo. The company offers a curatorship of properties that tell the city’s architectural history, in addition to the advice of passionate and knowledgeable professionals.

Refúgios Urbanos is the real estate agency that was born to celebrate and enhance the architectural history of the city of São Paulo.

The site is the right place for lovers of good architecture who dream of living in an iconic property in São Paulo, in a true urban retreat.

Buy, sell, remodel and exchange

If you need to sell your current apartment to buy a new one, Loft can be the solution to your problems. The digital platform founded in 2018 intends to innovate the process of buying and selling real estate through a process very similar to that famous Canadian reality show “Brothers to the work”.

The company buys used properties in cash, renovates, and sells them online. You can also buy a property available on the website using your current one as part of the payment, as long as it meets the conditions specified on the portal.

No intermediation

Just as the way we buy, move and host has changed with the emergence of new technologies, Hubbers comes up with the proposal to transform the real estate market through “disintermediation” and a 100% online process, from search to subscription to contract. To make this possible, it offers a video that simulates a face-to-face visit to the property.

The platform connects sellers and buyers with no intermediation and no sales commission, something really unthinkable a few years ago. The advertiser pays a monthly fee for the provision of services and the entire amount paid until the property is sold is deducted from what the site calls the “success award”, an amount paid to the platform at the time of purchase, well below the usual market commissions.

Help to university students

The Live Here is a site focused on student residence, made for those looking for a place to live near the college. Vacancies can be filtered by city, neighborhood, or university. USP, UNICAMP and PUC are some of the platform’s partners. With the exception of the visit, which is in person, all the rest of the process is done online, including signing the contract.

Live here works in partnership with colleges to help students find accommodations.

A dream does not cost a thing

Who has never spent time dreaming of wonderful properties on the internet?

The Axpe is a real estate focused on special properties, ie, with a “what” the most, is the view, design, decoration, or location. The company’s proposal is to offer a special curatorship to the most demanding clients linked to design and the best in the real estate market.

On the website, there is an entire section dedicated to just dreaming. Come in and feel free because this part, thankfully, is free!