Apartment plans: What is rooftop?

Apartment plans: What is rooftop?


The rooftop is one of the biggest trends among the types of apartment plants, as it contemplates the view, fresh air and lighting. But after all, what is rooftop?

For those looking for a privileged view with beautiful landscapes and a moment outdoors in comfort and safety, the rooftop is a great choice!

After all, living in a city as hectic as São Paulo can be a unique experience, but also quite stressful. The city is bustling, traffic is a bit chaotic, and the streets are often quite busy.

So it’s essential to take a break, get some fresh air, and finally step out of the way of your computer and cell phone screens to enjoy a cozy view.

What is rooftop?

The translation of rooftop to Portuguese is “roof”. It means having an innovative leisure option in this space, that is, on the top floor of the building. This is an area that works as a real refuge in the midst of the concrete jungle that is the city.

If you’ve ever seen a terrace on top of a building and wondered “What is this? Will it be a rooftop?”, you got it right!

What is rooftop - Rooftop with a view of the sea. Rooftop: what is it? The rooftops are great options for those who want a breathtaking view.

Many people believe that rooftops are a great way to save space and provide a relaxing environment. This is what happens in Paris, London, Hong Kong and New York, where rooftops are considered a reference, especially in commercial buildings.

Advantages of living on a rooftop

The rooftop brings you a unique feeling of freedom, guarantees good times and unforgettable memories.

In these spaces, you can relax, talk and have fun with friends, enjoy the privileged view of the city and even enjoy the sunset. Check out the main advantages of living on a rooftop.

The coverage is exclusive


Covers bring a lot of exclusivities.

What differentiates a commercial rooftop from a roof cover, that is, from the rooftop on the plant, is the fact that it is exclusive to the resident. It is a cozy and functional space that can provide unique experiences.

Autonomy to decorate your rooftop

In addition to the sophistication and view of the city, exclusivity guarantees greater autonomy for the property owner, who can bring their own personality to the interior decoration.

Terrace decorated with lights, tables and armchairs with toothpicks.

The rooftop decoration brings even more comfort to the environment.

Sofas, ottomans, tables and benches with functionality for outdoor leisure activities are the best options for those who want to decorate the space and enjoy moments of relaxation.

Fresh air and breathtaking scenery

Gardening is also an important point. After all, after a full day of work, stepping out of the air conditioning and encountering fresh air, beautiful plants, and flowers is a great reminder to prioritize the quality of life.

Poolside views from Skye's bar and restaurant, located in Jardim Paulista in São Paulo. Poolside views from Skye’s bar and restaurant

In addition, rooftops are very special spaces to gather friends and family for a more intimate, peaceful, and welcoming celebration, as they provide a wonderful landscape.

So, depending only on your location, you can enjoy the beauty of the stars and an incredible panoramic view of the city.

Commercial Rooftops in São Paulo

Located on high floors, with a breathtaking view of the sunset, and a lounge space full of good drinks and tasty snacks, the terraces on the top floor were soon successful. There are several rooftops in the city center.

Terraces in commercial buildings. Terraces in commercial buildings are great differentiators.

The traditional Balsa, for example, located next to the Martinelli Building, is a bar that has a cultural program and also has space for an antique fair.

The trendy Tokyo, which occupies the modernist ABC building with bar, karaoke and restaurant, surprises with its beautiful terrace, which is actually the local dance floor, overlooking the city.

Rooftop of the club Tokyo in São Paulo. The terrace at the top of the building is famous for all the fun it offers to São Paulo residents. Tokyo guarantees karaoke all night, tasty drinks, colored lights, and lots of fun. Source: São Paulo City Project

And for those looking for the best of Italian cuisine in a candlelit dinner, with a breathtaking view, a visit to Terraço Itália is essential. Located on Avenida Ipiranga, the place surprises for its refinement, with a piano bar and its romantic and luxurious touch.

It was even because of commercial developments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels that the roof terraces of buildings became a trend and gained popularity among residents who longed for greater exclusivity in their apartments.

Leisure rooftops 

Rooftop with green area.

Many rooftops offer great leisure options.

Although the word rooftop has a very direct meaning when we are talking about the type of plant, nowadays it can also be used to exemplify collective leisure in residential buildings.

Recently, new developments are updating their living areas. Many residential condominiums in São Paulo, such as Funchal 641 and Limited Pinheiros, for example, already have spaces such as party rooms, gourmet lounges and swimming pools on the property’s roof.

With this change, many developers and builders were able to modernize the projects and optimize the space. Soon, the rooftop went from being synonymous with exclusivity to a new type of structure.

Swimming pool on the rooftop what it is. The rooftop pool is also a possibility on the rooftop.

Leisure rooftops can contain numerous different options, such as equipped kitchen, swimming pool, gourmet lounge, fitness space and even a spa.

Definitely, one of the best options to admire the view, have a peaceful moment and enjoy the beauty of the sky.